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Ranza in “Gennimata”: The answer of the hospital to Matina Pagoni |


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The management of the hospital “G. Gennimatas “the statements of the president of EINAP, Matina Pagonis to SKAI, who among other things complained that during yesterday’s on-call day a ranch was transferred from the” Sotiria “hospital to serve the increased number of patients.

“At the Hospital there was no need and no material support (auxiliary beds, etc.) was provided by the G.N.N.Th. “” SOTIRIA “or from another Health Unit”, it is emphasized in the announcement.

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Regarding the auxiliary beds, the hospital states that in yesterday’s on-call 24 were developed (35 in the on-duty on October 30) and assures that with the issuance of discharges, patients will be gradually promoted to the wards of the Hospital Clinics.

For the vigils on 7-8 / 11/2021, “G. Gennimatas “clarifies that all imports of Covid / non Covid incidents show stability, compared to the previous on-duty date, while especially Covid incidents appear reduced (16 vs. 25 on 30/10/2021).

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The following is the table published by the hospital:

On-call hours of G.N.A. Hospital «Γ. GENNIMATAS “(7/11, 3/11, 30/10/2021)


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