In an effort to establish that distribution companies follow the safety rules of their workers that apply in heat conditions, the Minister of Labor Adonis Georgiades, asked the Independent Labor Inspection Authority to make a relevant order.

In fact, as Mr. Georgiadis said, the Independent Labor Inspection Authority, yesterday which was a day of extreme heat – and after his own thinking – he made orders for food distribution during the prohibited hours and in areas where the heat was particularly burdened.

According to the Minister of Labor, the order was made “at two large platformss that mostly we all use for ordering our food, at efood and Wolt. Unfortunately, both companies despite the law they delivered normally, disregarding the health and safety conditions of the working distributors. Already, the Independent Labor Inspection Authority is assessing the corresponding fines.”

After this finding, Mr. Georgiadis emphasized that “the controls are and will be non-stop and if we need to impose higher fines, we will impose higher fines.”
Everyone should understand, no matter how big the company is, that we do not play with the safety of employees. In good faith and in a civilized manner, we prefer that we all follow the measures, but we are here to enforce the law for anyone who violates it.”