The evacuation of two more villages of Rhodes, of Malona and of Massaron announced the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, given that there is a resurgence of a fire front near the two villages. The residents of the two villages are invited to go towards Archangelos village.

Evacuation also in Platanistos Karystos

A message via 112 was sent to the residents of the Platanistos Karystos area inviting them to evacuate the settlement and head to Karystos. Specifically, the message states: “If you are in the Platanistos area, evacuate now to Karystos.” Forest fire in your area. Follow the instructions of the authorities.”

In Rhodes…

Ongoing is located great revival of the fire in Rhodes close to Asklipieio settlement, with the winds intensifying, making the extinguishing work difficult. There was a strong resurgence in Asclepion with a south direction to Kiotari and Gennadi.

The fire has passed through the Asklepiion, but 3 houses caught fire and efforts are being made to save them.

Alongside earthworks are being done to stop the fire in the western stream from Kiotari. “We are living in tragic times,” the regional governor of South Aegean, Giorgos Hatzimarkos, told Sky a while ago.

The fire has caused damage to houses in Asklipieio, the representative of the Fire Department, Yiannis Artophios, told Sky 100.3. He added that the coastal front has been particularly affected. The fire passed at a rapid pace from the Asclepion. To the question of why the fire is still burning for a week, Mr. Artopoios replied that the conditions are such that they favor the fire, against the efforts of the firefighters.

According to the latest update from the press representative of the Fire Department, Vasilis Vathrakogiannisthey operate in the area from the air eight aircraftof which two from Turkey and one from Croatia. Also, 10 helicopters have been thrown into the firefighting battle.

As for the Asklepiion the fire went through the village burning houses, shops and properties. The villagers do call for help. The two fronts have been threatening the village since Sunday night. Firemen, volunteers and villagers they fought to prevent the fire from passing through the settlement but unfortunately they did not succeed

Meanwhile, message from 112 the residents of the Gennadi and Vati areas were sent shortly after 11:00 am to evacuate towards Kiotari.

The forest fire in Rhodes is raging and in fact shortly after 10:00 in the morning there was a revival in the Asklipieio area, resulting in the civil protection to request the evacuation of areas to which the fire is approaching.

In Corfu the fire, which occurred yesterday afternoon in a forest area in Lutses area reached large proportions, according to the Fire Department’s press representative, threatening settlements on the north-eastern side of the island.

He then emphasized that with successive messages issued by the 112 17 settlements were evacuated and they moved away with security 2,466 citizens. In the work of removal forces of the Greek Police, the Region of the Ionian Islands and the Coast Guard contributed as well as a Fire Brigade ship.

They operate strong ground forces, while from the air 4 aircraft and 3 helicopters.

In Evia the fire is progressing towards the Livadi, Potami areas. Platanistos, Pernaraki, Kastri and Platys Gialos, which also were evacuated following a message issued by 112.

They do business strong ground forces and two helicopters.

in Achaia, the fire is developing near the Dervenaki area and east towards Bank and Kastro where have already been evacuated.

They are working on extinguishing the fire three helicopters and 4 aircraft facing great difficulties due to thick smoke.

According to Vassilis Vathrakogiannis, conditions remain difficult while as he said authorities have proceeded to arrest a person in Megalopolis who set fire to agricultural debris.