Ketsetzoglou: “We saw a very nice AEK in Volos. Thank you for seeing her”


Her potential opponents AEK in his qualifiers Champions League commented o Kostas Ketsetzoglou to News Bulletin 247.

We are waiting for the draw. Two big teams left, Galata and Copenhagen that were, Zagreb remains, which is a difficult draw if it falls, but it has the good thing that it will get its opponent Dinamo Zagreb in the next draw that will enter as a strong one and that is something that counts. From then on, you can’t say that he was eliminated or already qualified for the next phase“, the team reporter initially reported.

Then, he spoke about yesterday’s game of AEK in Volos: “AEK played with their style, even though some important pieces are still missing from their roster. Pineda did not play, Gacinovic, Araujo who is injured, the transfers have not arrived. Pizarro entered the second half. We saw a very nice AEK. You are happy to see her. We saw two different lineups, in the same style and pace of play. AEK was surprised by the way Volos played in the first quarter».

And he continued, saying:There, Stankovic showed that he is ready and is a favorite to start as a starter in the official matches. And then, things went their way. Zini started on the left, and for me he is the man of the match, ahead of Garcia. He has made 5 actions in the large area of ​​Volos, within the first 16 minutes. That’s an awesome stat, and it had a similar follow-up. Garcia plays with our pain and Lance’s after scoring two goals in three chances in the match».

Hear who else he singled out and what else he had to say about the “yellow and black” reporting

Source: Sport Fm

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