The tax bill for June transactionstoday became Wednesday from AADE.

The first of the lucky ones in the tax lottery wins up to 50,000 euroswhile rewards are now tiered. The amounts that one wins from the raffle held by AADE every month are non-confiscatable and tax-free.

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To see if you are one of the lucky ones, click here

The amounts that the lucky taxpayers will earn every month are the following:

1 who wins a cash prize of 50,000 euros,
5 who win a cash prize of 20,000 euros,
50 who win a cash prize of 5,000 euros,
500 who win a cash prize of 1,000 euros.

To taxpayers who are drawn and have not registered a bank account, a period of three months is given from the date of the drawin order to declare the bank account to which they wish the prize money to be credited, in the personalized information application of TAXISnet.

It is noted that five hundred and 556 lucky people are selected in each monthly draw.

They automatically participate in the public lotteriesbased on data collected by the tax administration, natural persons who have a TIN in Greece and are over 18 years of ageunder the following conditions:

  • Make transactions using a card or other electronic means of payment,
  • They have filed an income tax return for the last tax year for which the deadline for late filing has passed, if they are liable.