Patrino Carnival: It’s here, albeit a different one – The carnival events (pics) have started

Patrino Carnival: It’s here, albeit a different one – The carnival events (pics) have started

Patras now lives in the rhythm of the Carnival, since the carnival events of the Municipality started at 11 on Saturday morning.

The traditional Handover Ceremony of the Carnival Banner was held at the City Hall, by the President of the Carnival Organization Ira Kouri, to the Mayor of Patras, Costas Peletidis.

The new banner of the Patras Carnival 2022, based on the design of Antonis Papantonopoulos in collaboration with Maria Manolopoulos, was installed by the mayor at the City Hall marking the beginning of the big celebration of the Carnival capital, remaining there until the end of the 6 events.

Then they threw chocolates from the balcony together with the Chocolates.

With a modest ceremony and in compliance with all the health protocols and distances required by the conditions of the parties, but with a special festive atmosphere and original carnival touches took place at noon on Saturday, January 22, the carnival banner was handed over to the Patriarch 2022, which will be completed on Sunday, March 6.

From Saturday morning, the city center received a carnival atmosphere after carnival music and small carnival events unfolded in the streets and in the square of Georgios AD.

In front of the Municipal Theater, the Jazz ensemble of the Municipal Music of the Cultural Organization gave musical color, at the City Hall door, the Municipal Music of the Cultural Organization (Band of the Municipality) played carnival marches and carnival rhythms, while from the balcony of the Municipal Conservatory in the building of Aratou and Riga Fereou streets, the professor of the conservatory Periklis Aliopis with his trumpet gave his own tone on the Opening Day.

The renewed musical chariot with one of the two telals, Giorgos Logaras conveyed the joyful message of the beginning arriving at Georgiou Ai Square, carnival cyclists, stilts of the X-Saltibagos group and the impressive Carnival theatrical moving characters Georgios Ai Square, the square of Patras Carnival. All together united in a procession together with the president of KEDIP Carnival of Patras Mrs. Ira Kouri, the president of the Cultural Organization Mrs. Katerina Geropanagiotis, members of the Board. of KEDIP, the Advisory and Judging Committee of the Patras Carnival, guests and the Queen of the Patras Carnival Maria Kyriakopoulou and following Maizonos Street arrived at the City Hall.

At their door, the Mayor of Patras, Mr. Costas Peletidis, welcomed them under the carnival’s carnival of the Municipality Band and the new carnival banner was handed over by the president of KEDIP to the Mayor of Patras, which will remain at the City Hall throughout its term. From the balcony of the City Hall after the “voice of the beginning” of the two telals, Maria Agouridis and George Logaras, the Mayor of Patras Mr. Costas Peletidis conveyed the message of the beginning of the Patras Carnival 2022 saying that the Carnival begins in these we live and that the people will emerge victorious from the pandemic. He wished everyone Health and a Happy Carnival and chocolate throws followed by the Mayor, the chocolate throwers’ associations, the telalides and members of KEDIP.

With the voice of the two telals chanting in the city:

You heard you heard
friends and fellow citizens
young and old
English, French, Portuguese
and all of you from the great Europe
Pea beans chickpeas
the fairy tales are over
dill, spinach, rice
and the Carnival begins!

And when the quarantine is over
everything will be fine again
party, dance, fun, song
and let the ax burn.

The Patras Carnival 2022 with the theme “Signs and… monsters” opened its wings conveying a message of optimism and hope to every corner, warming the hearts of all of us.

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