False prescriptions: 232 investigations – 5 arrests, more than half a million euros confiscated


Five arrests and 232 searches of homes and businesses were made as part of the investigation carried out by the Internal Affairs Service, for the big case of false prescriptions, according to the latest information from the ELAS Headquarters, while they have been confiscated, among others, on from 548,000 euros.

Specifically, during the investigation of the case, which took place after a prosecutor’s order, for the dismantling of a criminal organization, which made directed and false prescriptions of drugs, investigations were carried out almost all over Greece and especially in Thessaloniki, Attica, Pieria, Imenia, Kozani, Kozani. , Pella, Halkidiki, Arcadia, Messinia, Laconia, Ioannina, Achaia, Ilia, Zakynthos, Etoloakarnania, Arta, Preveza, Thesprotia, Cyclades, Larissa and Magnesia.

Of the 232 surveys carried out in total, from December 14, 2021 to January 15, 2022, in homes and business premises, 126 are natural and 2 legal entities, including 61 doctors in the capacity of civil servant.

In total, the following were found and confiscated, as related to this case:

* EUR 548,355,
* 6 gold pounds,
* 5,610 Swedish kronor,
* air pistol, shotgun, shotgun,
* shotgun and 27 rounds,
* folding knife and 12 sparklers,
* 121 mobile devices,
* 54 computers, tablets, laptops,
* 87 hard drives etc. storage media,
* 1,399 pharmaceutical preparations,
* 360 prescription drugs,
* 274 drug tablets,
* 10 deposit books and
* number of handwritten notes.

The five arrested are accused of occasional violations of the laws on drugs, weapons, flares and fireworks. The arrested, with the spontaneous proceedings that were formed against them, were taken to the competent prosecutorial authorities.

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