The Cyclades in “white” – Incredible snow in Andros – Impressive images


And while the bad weather continues, the images of the off-white Cyclades on Sunday were truly unique, making the rounds of the internet.

In the capital of the Cyclades, Syros, the snow was covered for good after several years. Machinery was recruited to open the roads in Apano Meria where the movement of vehicles was banned.

In Naxos the images were really impressive. According to the locals, such snowfall has been seen on the island since 2002. In many areas, the traffic of vehicles was done only with chains, while there was a blockade of mountain villages.

Tinos is an island accustomed to snow. However such an intensity of snowfall I had many years to appear.

Paros was dressed in white with the snow making their appearance intense in many areas of the island.

Andros was hit more than all the islands of the Cyclades by the snow. In fact, on Sunday afternoon, for precautionary security reasons, the traffic of vehicles in all areas was banned. Aid from Attica for the snow removal of the roads arrived on the island.

Mykonos saw a bright day, but despite the polar temperatures, a brave young winter swimmer swam on the snowy beach of Ψarrou as if it were. August.

In Amorgos, the snow was heavy making the island of Cyclades even more beautiful.

Kythnos welcomed “Elpida” and dressed as a “bride” wearing her white.

The bad weather did not forget even the little Donoussa. The inhabitants of the island have seen such images for many years.

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