On the occasion of yesterday’s fan violence outside the AEK stadium, which resulted in the murder of a 29-year-old fan, the president of the plenary session of the presidents of the bar associations of Greece and the president of the Athens Bar Association, Dimitris Vervesos, in his statement points out that “it must immediately responsibilities are to be attributed, not only to the physical and moral perpetrators but also to the organs of the State which, as it turns out, did not do their duty”.

In particular, the statement of Mr. Vervesos is as follows:

We express our sincere condolences to the family of the young fan who was brutally murdered last night, a victim of indiscriminate fan violence. At the same time, we wish a speedy recovery to those injured in these sad incidents.

We have repeatedly condemned violence in sports venues. We ask for the exemplary punishment of the guilty, which of course is not enough to eliminate the phenomenon.

What happened yesterday, with their tragic outcome, proves the inability of the State to deal with manifestations of sports violence.

The responsibilities of the leaders of the Greek Police become greater as new evidence is revealed, according to which they were informed by foreign security authorities about the “descent” of the hooligans, who ran, undisturbed, almost throughout the country.

Responsibilities must be immediately attributed, not only to the physical and moral perpetrators, but also to the organs of the State which, as it turns out, did not do their duty.

The State, as well as the institutional authorities of the sports federations, should stop making verbal condemnations of the phenomenon and take specific and effective measures to eliminate the phenomena of violence, which in a short period of time led to a second death.

The tightening of any penalties, by itself, has been amply proven to be insufficient to effectively solve the problem.

We need real will and groundbreaking actions, here and now, to eliminate the phenomenon, so that we do not have a repetition of these tragic incidents»