In total 38 forest fires manifested the last twenty-four hourssays a statement from the Fire Department.

According to the Fire Department, most of them were dealt with immediately, at their initial stage

The fire that broke out during lunch hours today, in an agroforestry area in Pelei Kranidi Argolida, was immediately brought under partial control. 31 firefighters with 1 pedestrian group and 12 vehicles operate, while 4 aircraft and 1 helicopter periodically operate from the air.

58 firefighters with 3 groups of pedestrians and 20 vehicles are working on the fire that broke out in a forest area in the area of ​​Melissonas Karystos, during lunch hours today, while 4 aircraft and 4 helicopters are working periodically. Subsidiaries are provided by local water bodies and project machinery.

Local investigative offices, as well as Divisions of the Directorate for Combating Arson Crimes (D.A.E.E.) are investigating the causes of the fires.

It is recalled that, according to the Fire Risk Prediction Map issued by the General Secretariat of Civil Protection of the Ministry of Climate Crisis & Civil Protection (, for tomorrow, Saturday, August 12, 2023, a very high risk of fire is predicted (risk category 4 ) for the following areas:

  1. North Aegean Region (Lesvos Region, Chios Region, Limnos Region)
  2. Region of Attica
  3. Region of Central Greece (PE Boeotia, PE Evia including the island of Skyros)
  4. Peloponnese Region (Corinthia Region, Argolis Region)
  5. Region of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace (Evros PE including the island of Samothraki)

Aerial surveillance patrols continue, as well as patrols by Fire, Police and Military forces, while the personnel of the Fire Services of the above Regions have been put on partial alert in order to deal with the increased service demands that have arisen due to the large number of fires as well as the very high fire risk (risk category 4).

At the same time, for the above areas, the Plan of Civil Protection actions to deal with risks due to forest fires is being implemented, according to which, among other things, the implementation of the measure of the preventive ban on vehicle traffic and the stay of excursionists in national forests, forests and “vulnerable” areas.

The fire department appeals to all citizens to be especially careful and in the event of a fire, for their own safety, to follow the instructions of the competent authorities.