On Saturday, August 12, by officers of the Mykonos Police Sub-Directorate, the theft of items-money from a hotel accommodation was solved and the perpetrator was arrested.

This is a 38-year-old foreigner against whom a criminal case was filed for committing grand larceny.

In particular, as determined, in the context of the immediate investigation of a related complaint, a thorough investigation and the combined use of evidence, the day before yesterday at noon, the perpetrator, pretending to be a customer of a hotel business, entered a room, whose occupants were absent, and removed valuables (watches, jewelry, accessories) with an estimated value of 350,520 US$ .00 and 10,000.00 euros.

Police officers handling the case managed to locate the perpetrator early yesterday morning, who was walking around wearing one of the stolen luxury watches.

An investigation followed at the accommodation where he was staying, where the rest of the stolen items and the sum of 7,980 euros were found, which were confiscated and, after being identified, were returned to the beneficiaries.

The arrested person is taken to the Syros First Instance Prosecutor’s Office.