Commenting on the statements of the president of Croatia, government officials emphasized that the judiciary in Greece is independent and does its job.

It is recalled that the president of Croatia, Zoran Milanovic, took a position on the bloody incidents caused by the hooligans of Dinamo Zagreb in New Philadelphia.

He admitted that they came to Greece “to cause incidents”, he described them as fans, and said that they are citizens who have rights.

He even added that “If the Greek government could keep all 100 of them through some kind of “artificial detention”, this would have elements of a vendetta or attribution of collective responsibility. I expect that very soon those who are really responsible will be held accountable.”

Meanwhile, the government is moving in three directions after the tragic events in New Philadelphia

A) Priority is to arrest the culprits and Justice will be delivered

B) On the operational side: the internal audit of EL.AS is underway and the message sent by the government is that the responsibilities will be assigned at the highest level,

C) Given that fan violence is an international problem – as there is an undeclared war of hooligans – the meeting of the Prime Minister on Wednesday with the UEFA president, who has international expertise on the matter and subsequently the decision on an expanded meeting with the participation of the competent ministers and the owners of PAE, Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, AEK and PAOK shows that the government at the highest level is determined to take initiatives that will put an end to this scourge by focusing on the full implementation of the provisions of the sports law and to new proposals from the groups, who are asked to take their share of the responsibility.