They were arrested, in the context of the drive, on Monday night (14-8-2023) in Marousi, by police officers of the DI.AS Group. 2 minors, aged 15 and 16accused of joint, consecutive, committed and attempted robbery.

In particular, according to ELAS, the defendants approached 2 minors, one of whom realized their intentions and ran away, while with the threat of a knife they tried to take the purse of the other minor, who resisted and managed to escape .

When the second minor tried to escape, the defendants hit him in the face. A little later, according to the information provided by the Police, the defendants together with two other accomplices approached a group of minors, who were in a nearby place, and using physical violence and threats took away the purse of one of them.

The police officers who immediately went to the scene managed to locate the accused, who were taken to the Amarousi Security Department, where they were identified as the perpetrators of the above crimes. The arrested were taken to the competent Prosecutor.