Explosions occur this time in a factory where has been given over to the flames, in the industrial zone of Aspropyrgos as the fire front rages through the area.

Black smoke has choked the area while appealing to the residents to keep the windows of their houses closed as tires burn, creating particularly suffocating conditions.

Four warehouses were given over to the flamesaccording to the mayor of Aspropyrgos, Nikos Meletiou, who spoke to SKAI 100.3.

Also, according to SKAI information, company facilities were burned in the Laka Katsari areawithout endangering workers as the building had already been evacuated.

A new message was sent to the residents of the wider area of ​​Aspropyrgos urging them to stay indoors and close doors and windows due to the ongoing fire.

In particular, the message states: “There is a fire going on in Aspropyrgos. The fumes are directed to your area. Stay indoors. Close doors and windows. Follow the authorities’ instructions.”

Earlier a message was sent from 112 for two settlements in Aspropyrgos which calls the inhabitants in Pontion Settlement and Vera Settlement to move away to Eleusis.

Also, a message from 112 had been sent to the residents of the Lakka Katsari area of ​​Aspropyrgos in order to evacuate to the city of Aspropyrgos due to the fire that broke out at approximately 9:00 in the morning in the same area.

The road network in Aspropyrgos was closed due to the firewhich led to a stoppage of traffic for the buses running the routes of the Suburban Railway in the section Ano Liosia – Nea Peramos, Hellenic Train announced.

The routes of the Piraeus – Kiato line will be operated until further notice as follows:

In the Piraeus – A. Liosia section with the scheduled departure times (hourly).

In the section Nea Peramos – Kiato with departures every two hours.

The section Ano Liosia – Nea Peramos will not be served at all.

Earlier the Piraeus – Kiato Suburban Railway routes were suspended by order of the Fire Department due to the fire in the area of ​​Aspropyrgos.

The Kineta – Ano Liosia section was closedwhile train 1309 had stopped at Kineta station.

Subsequently the routes of the Suburban Kiato – Piraeus had been replaced by buses in the section Ano Liosia – Nea Peramoswhich however have now stopped running.