By Ioanna Mandrou

Free was left 43-year-old fan of Panathinaikos who is accused of participating in bloody attack of New Philadelphia. However, a dispute arose between an investigator and a prosecutor about whether or not to impose conditions on him. The prosecutor was of the opinion that the accused should be released without conditions, while the investigator was of the opinion that the condition of mandatory appearance once a month should be imposed on him. The dispute will be resolved by the judicial council, while the 43-year-old is free from today.

According to reports the accused denied the charges and claims that he was outside of Athens. He even provided specific information (tickets, toll receipts, card payments, etc.) to substantiate his claim that from 2/8 to 8/8 he was on vacation in Kefalonia. The defendant maintains that he has distanced himself from the link.

Earlier testified as a witness to the investigator and his partner who claims that they were together.

The man was arrested on a warrant as according to the competent authorities he was identified as one of the participants in the attack through videos and posts that say he was in the bloody episodes.

The competent authorities are trying to identify other persons who took part in the raid and it is possible that other arrest warrants will be issued immediately.