Projects for the opening of additional fire zones and the expansion of existing ones in the Metohi area of ​​Parnitha implemented today by government agencies and private individuals, in order to strengthen the deterrent infrastructure and prevent the spread of the fire on the mountain and in the residential fabric.

The work began in the morning hours today and was completed before the flames approached the site, given that Metohi is considered a particularly important area in the possible axes of the fire’s spread.

Extensive work done with grace in cooperation between the Forestry Department of Parnitha, the contractors who have been assigned projects within the framework of the “Antinero II” forest protection program, the Armed Forces and the Region of Attica, which are helping with three and one machines respectively.

In addition to earthworks, crews of loggers and forestry workers reinforced the forces with emergency interventions – cleaning.

The expansion and strengthening of the grid of the fire protection zones in Parnitha comes to be added to the forest clearing and zone opening projects carried out in the previous monthsduring the preparation for the fire season, in the context of “Antinero II”, based on a study by the Forestry Department and through TAIPED assignment procedures.

Among other things, according to information, clearings are being carried out on about 800 acres and forest roads with a total length of 204 kilometers are being maintained.

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