Another difficult night in Attica with the Parnitha fire raging uncontrollably. The inhabitants of Thrachomedon are ready to leave their homes. In fact, some people are already leaving the area, a local resident told SKAI.

Earlier, a message was sent from 112 to the residents of the areas of Thrakomakedones, Boskiza and Panorama Menidi to be ready to leave their homes and follow the instructions of the authorities.

At this time, the water drops from helicopters started, as reported on SKAI television by the chairman of the municipal council of Acharna, Th. Economou, who said that the fire is far from Thrakomakedones and from the cable car.

He said earlier that the fire approached the first tavern on Parnithos Avenue.

The firefighters fought all night with the flare-ups on the borders of the Parnitha national park. During the night, the fire was in remission, but a new large flare-up occurred shortly after 4 am, above the settlement of Agia Paraskevi.

A message was sent via 112 to evacuate the settlements Saint Nicholas and Saint Paraskevi.

“The fire is currently between the houses located at the foot of Mount Parnithos and up to Parnithos Avenue, but towards the part of the mountain,” the representative of the Fire Department told SKAI. John Baker.

Mr. Artophios said that the main front of business is currently on the streets Lobster, Idomeneos and Ceramic.

Vehicular traffic has been suspended from the junction of Parnithos Avenue with Boskiza Street, as well as on Filias ton Laon Street to Katacamponises.

Meanwhile, vehicular traffic has been restored to Phylis Avefrom the height of the roundabout before Panagia Kanala.

According to information, a firefighter while trying to extinguish the fire at night, was injured in the leg and had to be taken by an ambulance of the EKAV.

During yesterday’s day, houses in Agia Paraskevi Menidiou and Agios Ioannis Rossos Acharnon were given over to the flames.