Responding directly to the request of Minister of the Interior, Theodoros Livanios, following the initiative of the Prime Minister, DEPA Emporias undertakes the costs of restoring the damages caused to Palagia Primary School the devastating fires in Evros.

The school where they attend 85 studentssuffered severe fire damage that renders it unfit for use ahead of the new school year, which starts in less than 20 days. Given its sensitivity to Corporate Social Responsibility issues, DEPA Emporias proceeds immediately to release the required amount for the timely restoration of the school in the affected area.

THE if. Minister of the Interior, Theodoros Livanios, said in this regard: “I sincerely thank the Management of DEPA Emporia for their immediate response to my request for the restoration of the Palagia Primary School, as well as for the time-honored sensitivity they show in matters related to social needs. The extraordinary conditions prevailing due to the devastating fires in almost the entire country have put the state mechanism in full motion for the immediate recording and restoration of damages. In this difficult process, the solidarity and cooperation of all of us is necessary, in order to heal as quickly as possible the huge wounds left behind by the fiery conflagration.”

THE Mayor of Alexandroupolis, Ioannis Zamboukis stated: “The destruction caused by the fire leaves indelible marks throughout the Municipality, causing serious problems in the daily life of the citizens. Thanks to if. Minister of the Interior, Mr. Livanio for the immediate interest he showed in the repair of the damage suffered by the school and of course the Administration of DEPA Emporia who hastened to respond by covering the cost of the work. Thanks to their assistance, Palagia Primary School will be able to welcome its students in time for the start of the new school year.”

On his part, Mr CEO of DEPA Emporia, Konstantinos Xifaras, emphasized: “DEPA Emporias has proven that it stands by the side of society with all the means it has at its disposal. It was, therefore, self-evident that we will mobilize immediately to respond to the request of if. Minister, Mr. Livaniou, to undertake the restoration costs of Palagia Primary School, which is located in an area tested by the devastating fires. Our goal is for the school to be ready to welcome its students for the first bell of the new school year.”