THE national forensic service (NCA) of Britain announced today that it is investigating possible crimes allegedly committed by Kenneth Law, a Canadian chef, after linking him to death of 88 people who bought substances through Canadian websites in order to kill themselves.

The NCA received information in April that many people in Britain bought products from Canadian websites after Law was arrested in Canada because provided poison to people with suicidal tendencies via a Canadian website, British media reported.

An Interpol list of figures 232 British buyers was handed over to the NCA by Canadian authorities, according to the Times newspaper. Later investigations concluded that 88 of these people died.

“The NCA has decided to investigate possible criminal offenses committed in the UK. The investigation is ongoing“, he announced.

“There is currently no confirmed link between these substances, bought through the websites, and the causes of death” of the 88 people, the NCA said.

THE 57-year-old Lo was arrested in Canada in May and was charged with helping people who wanted to kill themselves after he admitted to a reporter conducting an undercover investigation that “many, many, many, many” people had died after taking the substances he sold online.

The Canadian chef, who worked in the kitchen of a luxury hotel, is accused of sending 1,200 packages in 40 countries and research into its actions has been launched in the US, Italy, Australia and New Zealand.