Two active fronts rekindled are facing at this time the fire forces on the west side of the operations in Parnitha, stated at Skaigr The representative of the Fire Department, Yiannis Artophios. As the one mentioned himself it is in the Fort of the Tribe towards the Yannoula stream and the other in Frank’s dam. According to the Fire Department spokesman the fire is in a very difficult place, in a ravine. Aerial vehicles and infantry forces attempt to extinguish it, even climbing.

13 aerial vehicles, namely 8 aircraft and 5 helicopters, one of which is coordinating, 260 firefighters with 13 groups of pedestrian units and 77 vehicles, are operating successively from the air by dropping water. Also, strong forces have been made available by the General Staff of National Defense and the Hellenic Police, as well as the Region of Attica, with water tankers and construction machinery.

From last Friday until now (around 17.00 on the afternoon of Friday 25/8) we have had over 525 forest fires, Mr. Artophios noted.

Firefighters are fighting the flames and rekindling on the other fronts of the fires.

In Alexandroupolis, with a message from 112, the residents of Leptokarya were asked to evacuate towards Sapes after the fire rekindled in their area.

⚠️ Activation 1️⃣1️⃣2️⃣#Rhodopi

🆘 If you are in the area #Hazel move away towards #Saps

🔥 Forest fire in your area

‼️ Follow the instructions of the authorities


— 112 Greece (@112Greece) August 25, 2023

To put out the fire in Alexandroupolis, they are working together 295 firefighters with 16 infantry teams, 85 vehicles, 4 aircraft and 2 helicopters.

A better picture is presented by the fire that occurred at noon on Friday in a forest area and in Lagio Laconia. 19 firefighters with 1 pedestrian group, 6 vehicles and 2 aircraft are working to extinguish it.