The Municipality of Filothei-Psychikos has been equipped with special drones, equipped with a thermal camera, in order to strengthen the protection forces of its forest areas.

High technology comes to the fore as it enables continuous surveillance and early warning of fire with smoke detection.

The drones will patrol day and night using thermal cameras from a height of 120 meters, ensuring full control and detection. For this reason, a risk management study was prepared in a predefined scenario (Predefined Risk Assessment – PDRA) and it was licensed by the Civil Aviation Service, so that it can perform flights within the Municipality.

“Combined with the 7 patrols of the security company that patrol and the fire extinguishing vehicle, which we rented during the summer, as well as the two water tankers together with the Civil Protection team, our Municipality takes care of its safety”. mentioned, among others, the mayor Dimitris Galanis and added: “The Municipality of Filothei-Psychikos once again foresees and pioneers with yet another technological service, which protects our green suburb and its citizens».