Firefighters battled the flames during the night Evros and Andros.

According to the Fire Department, the main front of the Evros fire is located in the area of ​​Leptokarya, while flare-ups occurred during the night in Dadia. Strong ground firefighting forces, along with volunteer firefighters and Armed Forces forces, are participating in the operations in Evros, while 4 aircraft and 3 helicopters started dropping water from the first light of day.

The fire that broke out yesterday morning, probably due to lightning, on the island of Andros is also ongoing. The efforts of the Fire Department are focused on the front that exists near the Vitaly. 73 firefighters, 3 groups of pedestrian units, 18 vehicles are operating at the scene, while 2 aircraft and 2 helicopters are providing air support.

In Parnithaaccording to the Fire Department, during the night there were some flare-ups, mainly on its southwest side, near the Clan Fortress, where 2 helicopters have been operating from the air since the morning.

The image of the fire, which broke out at noon on Saturday in an inaccessible area, in Lokro, has improved, as it was announced by the Fire Department. Fthiotidasas in Boeotia where small-scale flare-ups occurred in the Steiri area.