The fire brigade will continue to fight the fires in Evros and Rodopi for one more night.

In Evros, the firefighting forces are concentrating their efforts on the front located northwest of the Kotronia area of ​​Evros towards Dadia. There, as he reported to ERT, the press representative of the Fire Brigade, Giannis Artopioos, will set up a large operation with the forces of the Fire Brigade creating a line of defense in order to stop the march of the front so that it does not pass to the small core of Dadia and he added that by morning the operating forces will establish fire zones where possible. However, the potential change of the wind to the south is causing concern, which if it happens, as Mr. Patophios said, will send the fire towards Dadia.

“With the change of the wind, there will be a big battle tomorrow above Kotronia on the existing ridge”, said Mr. Artopioos to ERT yesterday.

Referring to the resurgence that took place in the wider area of ​​Lefkimmi and took dimensions creating a front, Mr. Artophios said that “in Lefkimmi and Provatonas the fire now has a more recessionary form”.

In Rodopi, the front that preoccupies the Fire Brigade, as Mr. Artophios mentioned, is the one between the area of ​​Kassitera and Kirki.

Further reinforcement of the firefighting forces operating in Evros and Rodopi is expected tomorrow. As pointed out by the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Vassilis Kikilias, who was in Evros today, as part of the effort to control the fire and in the coming days there will be further reinforcement with air and ground forces despite the fact that he said that he is already attempting in Evros a very large part of the forces of the Fire Brigade, ground and air.

In total, fire services are dealing with 105 fires across the state. According to information from the Fire Department, 46 new forest fires occurred in the last twenty-four hours, most of which were dealt with immediately, in their initial stage.


– In Parnitha, strong forces are operating and facing flare-ups, mainly on its southwest side, near the Clan Fortress

– Resurgences are being dealt with in the mountainous massif of the Steiri and Kyriaki regions of Boeotia.

-As it became known from the Fire Department, the fire that broke out in Andros was contained.

In addition, the following fires were brought under partial control:

– in the area of ​​Platsa Messinia and attempted 29 firefighters, with 2 groups of pedestrian departments and 5 vehicles, while attempted 3 aircraft and 1 helicopter. Assistance was provided by volunteer firefighters

– in the Kalo Nero area of ​​Messinia and 18 firefighters and 8 vehicles attempted, while 2 aircraft assisted from the air.

The fire that broke out at noon on Sunday at the old facilities of ALPHA in Peania was brought under control.

Assistance in dealing with the fires is provided by the European Civil Protection Mechanism with forces from Cyprus (2 aircraft, which operated in Alexandroupoli), Germany (1 aircraft, which operated in the wider area of ​​Fili in Attica), Sweden (1 aircraft, which operated in wider area of ​​Phyli in Attica), Czech Republic (1 helicopter, which operated in Distomo in Boeotia and 16 firefighters with 3 vehicles, operating in Provatonas Evros), Romania (53 firefighters with 10 vehicles, operating in the Kirkis mines, in Alexandroupoli), Bulgaria (36 firefighters with 5 vehicles, operating in the Lefkimmi area of ​​Evros), Slovakia (39 firefighters with 8 vehicles, operating in Alexandroupoli), but also through the pre-installation program from France (25 firefighters with 4 vehicles, operating in Andros ), as well as through an interstate agreement from Albania (46 firefighters with 5 vehicles, operating in the forest of Dadia) and from Serbia (28 people pedestrian section, operating in the Treis Vryses area, in Dadia Evros).

Also, assistance is provided by a large number of volunteer firefighters, forces provided by the General Staff of National Defense and the Hellenic Police, as well as water tankers and machinery from the Regions.

Local investigative offices, as well as Divisions of the Directorate for Combating Arson Crimes (D.A.E.E.) are investigating the causes of the fires.

For Monday, the risk of fire remains high in many areas of the country. The staff of the Territory Fire Services remains on general alert in order to deal with the increased service demands, which have arisen due to the large number of fires, while aerial surveillance patrols continue, as well as patrols by fire, police and military forces.

Finally, the Fire Brigade calls on all citizens to be particularly careful and in the event of a fire, for their own safety, to faithfully follow the instructions of the competent authorities.