Eight arrests and two injured who are being treated under guard at the Venizelio hospital is the account of the altercation that took place early Monday afternoon outside the Moira Health Center.

According to reports the arrested are all men while during the autopsy of the police officers at the scene of the fight they were found two knives, a hammer and two pepper sprays.

At the moment and according to police sources, the reason for the commotion that eventually led to the fight between the members of the two families outside the health center has not been clarified although unconfirmed information states that it was all done for an overtaking. However, the police are investigating if there is something else behind it.

The police moved on in the arrest of a 54-year-old father and his three sons aged 25, 23 and 22.

From the other side, four brothers aged 28, 29, 21 and 19 were arrested.

The knives, hammer and pepper spray found at the scene of the wild fight do not appear to have been used according to police, however they were confiscated.

In the Venizelio hospital of Heraklion, the 54-year-old father on one side and the 21-year-old brother on the other side are being treated under guard, who were discharged today.

The wild scene brought back to the fore the pathologies faced by the region where very often incidents of this kind concern the police authorities.