The Judicial Council ruled that the officer of the Hellenic Police, who was arrested in Zakynthos on the charges of bribery, abuse of power and breach of duty, should be remanded, while he is expected to be taken to Korydallos prisons within the day.

Last Friday there was a dichotomy between the investigator and the prosecutor, while today the council of judges of Zakynthos met, who decided to pre-trial detention the officer.

It all started after the complaint of businessmen who maintain shops of health interest in Laganas, according to which the officer, having the role of Service Commander, demanded and received sums of money so that he would not carry out continuous checks in their shops and that relevant violations would not be confirmed, ensuring the their smooth and uninterrupted operation.

At the same time, according to the complaints, the officer cooperated with the private businessman and, acting on his orders, carried out targeted checks on the shops of other businessmen on the island, while in addition the private person also blackmailed them, through third parties.

As pointed out by ELAS, from the pre-investigative investigation, through the collection of the necessary data and the application of special investigative techniques, the majority of the accused were identified, while it was also established that protection and counter-surveillance measures were taken by the officer.