The two police officers who pulled over a 65-year-old man yesterday with a patrol car, as a result of which he was fatally injured when the man tried to cross the Old Beach at the junction with Chrysostomou Smyrnis, from the pedestrian crossing, were temporarily released.

Based on the descriptions of the eyewitnesses, there was no evidence that the two policemen had violated a traffic light, according to ERT.

The chronicle of the tragedy

Shortly after one in the afternoon on Wednesday, the 65-year-old attempted to cross Palaia Paraliaki vertically at the junction with Chrysostomou Smyrnis, from the pedestrian crossing. According to eyewitnesses, he tried to go through the red light, while at that time he was crossing a Greek Police patrol car in the direction of Glyfada, as a result of which he dragged the 65-year-old away. Also in the statements, people who were at the scene reported that the patrol car had been expecting a siren and had developed a high speed.

The tragic result was that the 65-year-old was swept away, falling on the road covered in blood. A patrol car and emergency ambulance rushed to the scene immediately to pick him up and take him to the Attica Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

It should be noted that there is a video document and photos where one of the two police officers who were in the patrol car can be seen to have gotten off, is on top of the 65-year-old and is trying to help him. However, the man did not make it, he was seriously injured and a short time later he died.

The traffic department’s investigation is in full swing.