The intensity and extent of the Cotronia fire front in Evros is increasing, where the battle to extinguish Europe’s worst forest fire continues for the 13th day.

The active front of Kotronia has been growing gradually since yesterday as the south winds blowing in the area increase the intensity of the fire, the direction of which is changeable.

The fire from yesterday was directed towards Giannouli Soufliou without – so far – breaking the defense of the fire zones that were created around the settlement where strong firefighting forces are operating.

In fact, yesterday two 112 were sent for the areas of Giannouli and Sidiro, where there are constantly outbreaks of fire.

Ground and aerial firefighting forces are fighting a battle to protect the Small (Northern) Core of the Dadia-Lefkimi-Soufli National Park.

According to the data of the Fire Department, 582 firefighters with 129 vehicles and 16 pedestrian units are operating, while 10 firefighting aircraft and seven helicopters provide aerial support during the day.

It is noted that the firefighting forces also include foreign missions.