Definitively out of the Basket League, Triton, who goes to the second national team – with 12 in the championship


It is now final. THE Third despite the efforts made it was not possible to secure the conditions, financial, field and other, that would allow him to make use of the right he won as a runner-up in the Elite League to play in the Basketball League.

Most the league will be definitively made up of twelve teams and with the only change the entry of Amarousi instead of Ionian, with the teams reaping extra money from the television and the bet percentage, since the division will be made with one less team (12 instead of 13).

Alongside, Triton will be forced to compete in the Second National Leagueas he had not declared his participation in the Elite League in time while we try to secure the prerequisites to play in the big division.

The announcement:

“On May 27, 2023, the most golden page in the modern history of Triton Sports Club was written, since with our victory in the semi-final of the final four of the newly established Elite League, our team won one of the two tickets for this year’s Basket League with all for Greek basketball to talk again about the historical Triton, in the season of his 80th birthday!

Of course, if someone were to go back in time to the not-so-recent 2011 and be told that Tritonas, who was competing in G ESKA, twelve years later would be promoted to the Basket League, they would consider it a big and mostly utopian joke. Against all logic, a management of people taken from the guts of the team took the situation into their own hands and with their main weapon madness and selflessness, started working and dreaming of putting Tritons back on the basketball map of the National categories. Something he managed to do in 2015, with Triton 21 years later being where he deserves to be, in the National categories, even remaining at the highest level (that of A2) for the last four years. All this, hand in hand with a coach who also grew up through the bowels of the team and whose name was identified with its successes.

But let’s not hide. All these years Triton did not stop “piercing his ceiling” against all logic. Without a closed stadium, without infrastructure and serious academy facilities, without people with a large financial surface, without, without, without… Nevertheless, our stubbornness and of course the guys (players and coaches) who managed to bring a promotion that no one expected, they made us feel the obligation to try so that, after 44 years, Tritonas is back in the first category. Then we were called to face the oxymoronous fact that the Elite League had a deadline for declaration of participation on 7/30 and the Basket League on 8/31.

But the voice of our conscience was clear. Let’s try to find other forces so that the club can live another dream. So the brave decision was made to fight it. Of course, more than four decades later, the changes in the financials are huge, especially for a team like Triton where there is no big investor. Especially with the difference in financial figures between Elite and Basket League being almost fivefold! Despite this, a huge effort was made with respect to the dignity, continuity and values ​​of the club.

The battle to play in the Basket League was fought, but unfortunately lost. The men’s team will not compete anywhere this year, and in the 2024-2025 season they will once again have the right to participate in the 2nd National Championship, remaining in the National categories. Perhaps this is also the first battle lost after 12 years with this announcement being written with regret, but mostly being written with immense PRIDE for what we have achieved in these 12 years against Gods and demons.

In this one year when we will miss our men’s team as much as anything, we will stand even closer to our other competitive divisions (Children, Teens, U21) but also create a development plan for our academies with the help of Campeon Gaming who has now become an integral part of the team. At the same time, we will await with great anticipation the creation of a closed field in Atlas, as the Municipal authority has already announced, with our team finally having the opportunity to play at its natural home, Sepolia. Until then, with persistence and a lot of work, we will do everything again so that Tritonas can be at the highest level again.”

Source: Sport Fm

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