The pre-trial detention of the three self-appointed “sheriffs” – a 45-year-old Albanian and two Greeks – who were arrested a few days ago in Evrosfor incident of “arrest” of the 13 immigrants in a trailer, decided a while ago the Judicial Council of Plimelliodikon Alexandroupolis.

Last week after their confession, a disagreement had arisen between the Investigator who requested pre-trial detention and the Prosecutor who had an opposing opinion.

So he was under house arrest and today the three-member Judicial Council, which met since the morning, decided the three Alexandroupolitans to be taken to prison.

The 45-year-old who also uploaded the related video to social media, he is also accused of carrying a weapon, using a weapon, but also of violating personal data.

The other categories are: Incitement to commit crimes, violence or racially motivated discord combined with racially motivated robbery together and aiding and abetting and endangerment, while the owner of the vehicle is also charged with breaching the Personal Data Act.

It is recalled that they have been released without restrictive conditions the 13 immigrants for the charge of attempted arson that had been attributed to them.