The Hellenic Police carried out an inspection safari for illegal fights in the area of ​​Maiandros, in Evosmos, Thessaloniki, on Friday night.

According to ELAS, fights between drivers were prevented while dozens of violations were confirmed against motorcycle drivers for demonstrating driving ability and not wearing a helmet.

In detail, the announcement of the General Police Directorate of Thessaloniki:

“The Thessaloniki Traffic Directorate, setting ROAD SAFETY as its primary goal, implements an operational plan with quality and essential traffic controls, to facilitate and protect all users of the road networks (pedestrians and vehicles), reduce traffic accidents and eliminate conditions that exacerbate their consequences.

In this direction, various forms of traffic policing were adopted, including police checks in the form of excursions, the formation of special control crews with patrol and conventional cars and targeted checks in various areas of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki.

Therefore, in the context of intensified police actions, on Friday 01-09-2023, in western Thessaloniki, an organized operational action was carried out to deal with dangerous driving and to identify drivers who carry out impromptu races and dangerous maneuvers, in order to demonstrate their driving ability and to cause the impression.

The conduct of improvised matches was prevented, while the checks carried out revealed the following facts:

We point out that respect for the value of human life forces us to continue intensive and uninterrupted traffic controls. But we remind you that ONLY police measures are NOT enough. It is necessary for drivers and pedestrians to consciously comply with the Rules of Road Conduct, to avoid aggressive driving and to understand the possible tragic consequences of dangerous and imprudent driving.”