Unthinkable tragedy in the port of Piraeus. A A 36-year-old man died tragically trying to board the passenger ferry Blue Horizon, which was about to set sail. The captain and three crew members have been arrested after shocking footage from ‘First Issue’ emerged showing the ship’s crew throwing the unfortunate man from the catapult after an altercation with crew members. “They watched him sink into the water and ordered the ship to depart“, said an eyewitness to ERT, describing what tragically happened in the port of Piraeus.

The man was inside the ship and probably didn’t have a ticket“, said an eyewitness who described the movements of the two crew members of the Blue Horizon ship who pushed over the catapult the unfortunate 36-year-old, who fell into the sea and died in the port of Piraeus.

“We were all shouting what are you doing, what are you doing”revealed saying that even after the ship started and the eddy of the propeller swept the man into the water the officer of the deck after taking a look gave the order to start the ship.

A person drowns and you turn around and say we’re leaving, without making an effort. Throw him a life jacket. Say a man is drowning. Without anything happening the ship started»the eyewitness recounted.

As he said, after a few minutes the body of the unfortunate 36-year-old rose to the surface of the sea, but it was too late. He had drowned, and the captain and crew were indifferent to this fact.

The shocked passenger of the ship who was ordered to return to port when the tragic incident became known said that both he and other eyewitnesses contacted the port authorities to report it.

They stopped us and then turned us backhe stated. He denounces false claims by crew members who stated that the man who tried to board as the ship was departing he fell by himself. “That didn’t happen”the witness emphasized, confirming the complaints of other passengers that he was thrown from the catapult, resulting in his death.