“The 112 it is perhaps the most important reform of the last years, it has saved lives” the Minister of Labor emphasized while speaking to SKAI Adonis Georgiades emphasizing that in order to live lives, citizens must follow it.

The minister also stated that if the legislation needs to be adjusted “we will also pass an explicit provision”.

Mr. Georgiadis also noted that when the police announce a curfew “it is not possible for a business to tell the employee you cannot leave and you will stay here to work.”

At the same time the Minister of Labor expressed his condolences to the family of the unfortunate man who lost his life last night in the port of Piraeus.

“I saw the video of the man being pushed into the sea by the crew and i have been sick I cannot believe that it is possible for something like this to have happened in Greece, in our central port. As a former Minister of Shipping I tell you that what we see in the video is series of violations of maritime criminal law, of the convention for the safety of life at sea, we have abandonment of a shipwreck unimaginable for trained sailors” emphasized Mr. Georgiadis and concluded: “A person falls into the sea and instead of stopping the ship, it moves on and leaves as if nothing happened”.