With a delay of about six hours, the Blue Horizon ship sailed for Piraeus from the port of Heraklion – at 02:30 – in front of which a citizen mobilization and protest was organized since yesterday evening Wednesday.

The call for participation was made through social networking sites, with citizens expressing anger and indignation at the dramatic incident in the port of Piraeus and the death of the 36-year-old while the ship was sailing on Tuesday night.

During the gathering, due to the fear that the mobilization would drag out, it was decided to raise the catapult of the ship, as a result of which some of the passengers, who had not had time to board, could not travel to their destination.

There was a strong police force at the port of Heraklion.

Mobilization was also organized by citizens in Agios Nikolaos, the 36-year-old’s hometown.

At the gathering in the central square of the area, young and old held white roses in their hands.

Shopkeepers lowered their shutters.