The assessment of the environmental impact of the fire that occurred in Dadia – Lefkimis Soufliou National Park.

For this purpose, Mr Natural Environment and Water Organization (O.FY.PE.K.A.) conducted an audit of the area and then mapped the extent and severity of the fire. In fact, he used a specialized tool to obtain high-resolution satellite images, while at the same time carrying out on-site verification (TSI Post Fire Biodiversity Hub).

In the same way, the gradual course of restoration of the ecosystem of the affected area will be recorded. In this direction, O.FY.PE.K.A. initiates the preparation and implementation of a monitoring program, while it will also carry out a restoration study.

The audit was carried out on 6/9, following the order of the Minister of Environment and Energy, Theodoros Skylakakis, given on 5/9.

The results of the audit in detail:

  • Total area of ​​National Park: 424,248 hectares

Area burned: 245,299 acres (57.74%)
Unburned area: 178,949 hectares (42.26%)

  • Fire severity throughout the Park

High Severity: 23.30%
Low/medium intensity 34.44%
Unburnt area: 42.26%

  • Area occupied by the two cores (Zones A)

Unburnt area: 42,709 hectares (55.46%)
Area burned: 34,294 acres (44.54%)

  • Fire severity in the two cores

High Severity: 14.44%
Low/medium severity: 30.10%
Unburnt area: 55.46%

It is noted that the high severity means, in essence, that almost all the vegetation and all the trees were burned.
Accordingly, low/medium severity means that only the understory (i.e. low bushes and trees) and the lower parts of trees up to 3 meters high were burned, but with a high percentage of unburnt leaves and needles.