The 2,029 citizens from the areas of Thessaly affected by the bad weather have so far been freed by the Armed Forces, as announced by the General Staff of National Defense (GEETHA)

Specifically, 475 civilians have been freed by Army General Staff (AGS), 35 by Navy General Staff (GEN), 45 by Air General Staff (GAA) and 1474 by Special Warfare Command (SWCA) personnel. .

The Greek Armed Forces operate with appropriate equipment in the affected areas, day and night, 24 hours a day, saving lives, transporting citizens to safe places, assisting with their machines, with ambulances, buses, boats, warships, helicopters, the announcement added.

They have transported tons of supplies and materials in favor of the affected, while at the same time they are building bridges restoring transportation and access for aid, thus effectively contributing to the restoration of damages, the announcement continues.

Of particular importance is the transfer of two large generators to support the operation of the Larissa General Hospital, which saved and is saving the lives of people who are already in danger, underlines GEETHA.

The goal was and is to win the battle against time, as many people were found in inaccessible places, they were blocked, making the task of finding and rescuing them even more difficult, it is pointed out.

They do the same whenever they are called upon to face crises, under adverse conditions with a great degree of difficulty, saving lives and property and are very proud of it. They continue their superhuman efforts unabated, as they always do, alleviating human suffering. The recognition of the Greek society gives strength and courage to all the staff, the announcement emphasizes.

In more detail, 445 personnel, 400 blankets with a transport vehicle for Itea Karditsa, 400 blankets with a transport vehicle for Sofades Karditsa, 130 ranches have been allocated to the National Coordination Center for Operations and Crisis Management (ESKEDIK.) campaign for the 1st Primary School of Karditsa, 350 blankets for Tyrnavos, 640 blankets and 350 campaign ranches for Tyrnavos, 80 campaign ranches and 400 mattresses for the municipality of Karditsa, 400 political type ranches for the municipality of Karditsa, 20 tables for Tyrnavos, 82 chairs for Tyrnavo.

Also, 2 portable generators, hospitality areas, 2 ambulances, 3 Mini Buses, 4 buses, 14 special Hummer vehicles, 5 STÉWR vehicles, 48 ​​general purpose vehicles, 14 Engineering machines, 4 Landing Vehicles, 12 Tank Carriers, 24 crawler transport vehicles have been allocated personnel M113, 66 boats, 6 Bridge Pair Transport Vehicles and 6 LCB type boats, 2 Power Generator Pairs of 300 and 550 Kva and 2343 portions of food and 6220 bottles of water.

A Bailey bridge has been installed in Kala Nera Volos, while a Bailey bridge is being developed on the Kalambakas – Kastanias road in Trikala.

Also assisting are an AB 205 helicopter and 2 AS 332 helicopters of the Air Force, an AB 212 helicopter and a S-70 helicopter of the Navy, a CH-47D CHINOOK helicopter of the Special Warfare Command, a CH-47D CHINOOK helicopter and 3 helicopters Army UH-1H, a frigate and a tanker in Pagasitic Gulf.

In addition, 932 people of the “Xenokratis” project are on standby in the areas of responsibility of ASDYS and the 1st Army, 60 people of “Deucalion” on standby for two hours, 181 people of the Emergency Assistance Force (DYSEA), 15 minibuses, 62 buses, 121 General Purpose Vehicles, 19 Engineering machines.

Additionally, a C-130 transport aircraft, 2 UH-1H helicopters, 2 CH-47D CHINOOK helicopters are on standby at one hour, while a Navy Fast Transport Ship is on standby at four hours to host the evacuees.

Also, there are Bailey bridges to be installed, where required and suitable accommodation areas for flood-affected citizens within the camps of the wider affected area