In the early hours of the morning, the Captain and Chief of the Blue Horizon who are accused of the tragic death of 36-year-old Antonis Kariotis in the port of Piraeus were remanded in custody.

There was a disagreement between the interrogator and the prosecutor regarding the lieutenant and the captain. The Council will make the decision.

According to ERT, the investigator decided that these two members of the Blue Horizon crew should be released, a judgment with which the prosecutor disagreed.

The delay in the completion of the process was caused by the fact that the lieutenant is hospitalized at the Thriasio hospital with an ischemic episode and the investigator had to go there in order to receive his apology.

According to information, the master who was accused of dangerous interference with maritime traffic was additionally prosecuted for fatal exposure to danger.

He himself in his apology is said to argue that he did the right thing according to the regulations when he was informed that there is a person in the sea and informed the coast guard.

For his part, the governor in his apology reportedly claims, according to information, that he takes responsibility for what happened but does not accept the legal characterization of the act as homicide by possible intent. “He stepped on the claw of the catapult. He slipped and so did I. He fell. I wanted to jump down to help but the ship had already moved away,” he reportedly claimed in his apology. He added that when he “turned back to get life-saving equipment the man had suffocated from the twisting”.