An incredible incident happened yesterday in Bullet as it turned out in hindsight a family said their last goodbye to another human being.

Relatives and friends gathered in the holy church of Agios Georgios Iolkos, in order to be celebrated the funeral of an 82-year-old woman. Sadness, pain, crying were the three words that would describe the ceremony, both from the husband of the unfortunate woman, as well as from the children and grandchildren.

At some point during the funeral, the granddaughter of the deceased noticed that in the coffin, the deceased did not look like her grandmotherand reported it to her relatives, who reassured her that she was making a mistake and that when a person dies, their characteristics change.

Burial followed at the Cemetery. Yesterday morning, funeral home workers went to pick up a 97-year-old woman from the Mortuary of the Volos Hospital, in order to bury her. But despite the fact that they were looking for the information, which is written on a tag on the deceased, they did not find the body.

A little while later, they even found that the woman who was buried yesterday, was normally in her place in the cold room of the morgue.

The tragic mistake mobilized both the funeral homes involved in the case and the Police, who were notified to investigate.

According to information, the shift mortician of “Achillopoulei” had changed the position of the dead in the cold rooms, without updating the book kept.

Shocked relatives of both families learned the news and fell from the clouds after the 82-year-old’s family realized they had buried the wrong person.