Reinforcements are coming to AEK


In derby week enters the AEKas after the weekend off, the preparation for Sunday’s match with Olympic at the Opap Arena (21:30) for the 4th matchday of the Super League. In fact, this match is the beginning of a… devil’s week, which then includes a trip to Brighton next Thursday and a new derby, with Panathinaikos at Leoforos, next Monday.

In this Golgotha ​​o Matias Almeida will have reinforcements, as they are expected to start full training immediately Levi Garcia, Rodolfo Pizarro and Mijat Gacinovic, who, due to injuries, were absent from AEK games before the break. Especially the former showed how much he was missing after his injury in the match against Antwerp in Belgium and since he has 4-5 good training sessions, he will have the first say in the basic format.

The Argentinian coach will, of course, wait for her return of internationals. There were twelve in total (Athanasiadis, Mandalos, Rota, Shimanski, Vida, Hadjisafi, Mohammadi, Chrysopoulos, Pineda, Mukudi and Zini) and they will begin to return gradually, with the first Greeks and the last Pineda and Cullens who have transatlantic trips. The only problem at the moment is the in the absence of Petros Mandaloswho will miss the upcoming derby after being sent off in the match against Volos.

Source: Sport Fm

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