Apocalypse Images prevail in Thessaly after the passage of the bad weather “Daniel” which leveled everything in its path leaving behind 15 dead and two missing, according to the data so far.

As reported to SKAI by the representative of the Fire Department, Yiannis Artophios, the missing persons are a couple from Austria, who are being sought in the Potistika region of Pelion.

According to Mr. Baker, everyone’s attention now turns to Valley of Tempes and this because while the waters of Pinios recede and drain into Larissa, Trikala and Karditsa, the volume of water shifts towards the valley.

In Thessaly, it is heartbreaking as whole villages have it sink into the muddy waters, ifcalculable are the damages to infrastructure, livestock, crops and household appliances.

So far, 10,313 recorded incidents have been recorded by the fire service, 4500 rescues of our fellow human beings have taken place, while over 780 air rescues have been carried out by air.

Mr. Artophios also mentioned that all 8 fire brigades of the Fire Department operate in the area.

He clarified that the evacuations have been completed, the pumping of water from houses has begun and vulnerable people are being transported by watercraft where necessary.

He emphasized that those who remain in the affected areas are the voluntary ones.

Regarding the water level of Pinios, he said that a small drop is observed.

Volos: Without water in the city – Isolated villages of eastern Pelion

Crews are trying to create embankments so that the Pinios river does not flood in the city

As reported by ERT, the level of Pinios is now at 8 meters, with a limit of 7 meters, and continues to drop, while it had exceeded 10 meters two days ago.

This means that they drain the waters from Trikala and Karditsa, avoiding the risk of flooding and the center of Larissa. The waters, however, they shift to the Valley of the Tempes and then to the Delta of Pinios, where there is a large volume of water at the site. In fact, the bridge at the small church of Agia Paraskevi, in the Tempe Valley, which is 18 meters high, has been covered by the water.

The situation in the villages of Pelion is dramatic, many of which remainn without electricity and water. Popular beaches have given way to an eerie landscape, where the sea has turned brown from the dirt, mud and carry-over materials brought down by the torrents. Several areas are still inaccessible due to the massive damage to the road network.

In Volos, which is still under the mud, the biggest problem is the damaged water supply network. The districts are supplied with water in rotation, with water that is not potable.

Alert for the protection of public health

Concern prevails for the protection of public health, as infectious diseases lurk from the thousands of dead animals in the Thessalian plain.. After a meeting at the Public Health Coordination Center, at the University of Thessaly, it was appeal to flood victims to consume only bottled water even for personal hygiene and only packaged food.

As stated in a relevant announcement, citizens will be served by the online services of DYPA and will be able to call 1555, free of charge.