“We were here from the first moment and informed in time before the phenomenon came with press releases and interviews, but also with messages from 112 after Tuesday when the phenomenon was in progress” said the Regional Governor of Thessaly Kostas Agorastos speaking to SKAI regarding the huge disaster in the District from the bad weather Daniel.

Mr. Agorastos added that “the projects are here and everyone can see if they worked” while regarding the criticism he receives he commented that “everyone can write whatever they want from their desk”.

Mr. Agorastos stated that after the disasters caused by the severe weather Janos in September 2020, the Region of Thessaly received funds for the restoration of damages amounting to less than 100 million euros.

“Everything we did is registered, otherwise you can’t get the credits” he said characteristically and listed projects done in recent years.

Regarding the Xidia bridge, he said that it was built in two periods, the 1950s-1960s and the 1980s-1990s. He added that in recent years improvements have been made to a problem that existed in the two midfields.

The new midsoles held up, the old one did not, he characteristically said.

The major projects done by the Region have endured, he commented.