The father of the former Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson, experienced the disasters in Pelion up close.

Stanley Johnson, who maintains a house in the village of Horto in southern Pelion, spoke to Mega today about the images of destruction.

“I saw it all with my own eyes and all I want to say is how sorry I am. It was a very big shock for everyone. Our house is pretty high up and of course we heard and saw all the lightning and thunder and we were scared,” Stanley Johnson said initially.

“Our hearts ‘die’ today and are next to all the residents of Pelion, Skiathos and now in the news I see that central Thessaly is under water and many areas, like Larissa, are in a very difficult situation” he added Boris Johnson’s father.

He also stated that he is sure that “Greece and the Greeks will show all their greatness and will manage to manage all this disaster”.

As he noted, “disaster is something that the Greeks have experienced again with the fires, but I am sure that they will manage to recover. I am sure that joy, peace and order will return to this part of Greece.”