Petridis: “The difference between Panathinaikos and last year is chaotic”


THE Panathinaikos which is “being built” has nothing to do with the one of the last years, as pointed out by George Petridis to News Bulletin 247 The George Petridis then the first images of the new team.

It is obvious how much Panathinaikos has raised its quality. The difference is chaotic compared to previous years. Slukas and Vildosa in particular create excellently and set up good shots for their teammates. Grigonis is a different person. He has worked hard, it shows in his body, while he has another role and Ataman is vindicated for his insistence on trusting him“, he said.

As for the… reinforcements that are coming, he said: “Tomorrow Mitoglou will do some tests to see how his finger is. The internationals from the World, Lessor, Huatso, Papapetrou and Moraitis will also enter immediately. At the Rhodes tournament at the weekend we will have the opportunity to draw even more certain conclusions against Maccabi and Fenerbahçe».

Finally, he pointed out that “… the parquet will be changed at OAKA within the next few days and logically we will see it at ‘Pavlos Giannakopoulos’. The court seats will be changed, while other improvements are gradually being made. We will officially see the new jerseys at the OAKA tournament».

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Source: Sport Fm

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