The first bell rang and all students and teachers are ready to start this beautiful educational journey for another year.
But the beginning of the school year is accompanied by joy for the students who are all together again after the summer, by separation anxiety with their parents, but also with a great sense of responsibility for the teachers.

Teachers must be armed with patience and endurance to the maximum, respond to the modern practices of Pedagogical Science, support the children at every step and be by their side so that they can spread their “wings” and conquer the world offering them all the supplies they need.

Mr. Eleftherios Geitonas, General Director of Geitonas Schoolsin his thoughts on the new school year, he analyzes the key question that “tortured” him at the beginning of his educational journey, how important innovation and creativity are, but also the exchange of opinions, while emphasizing what are those characteristics that make someone educationally gifted.

In detail, Mr. Geitonas states that “At the beginning of my educational journey, I was always tormented by a key question: “Should the teacher be loaded with knowledge and degrees or a person with a capital A?”. Thus I entered into a torturous and fruitful process dominated by a fundamental question.

How I perceive and define myself and how others perceive me. This process definitely raised my self-awareness index and gave me liberating methods to be liked by others and myself in a balanced way. The times that our country and the whole world are going through today are very difficult.

That is why I will proceed to project the reasons that dictate the points of the times for the change of qualitative assessment criteria. And I start with innovation and creativity. The best means for innovation and creativity is to make use of time, to cooperate with each other, to exchange views and to transfer ideas.

We must build a society where humanity will reign and daily work will be transformed into personal pleasure and a sense of giving.

Talented is the teacher who has installed and validated within himself methods of cooperation and ways of analyzing disagreements to find the overlap index in case of different opinions.

No one can do it alone. This is what life teaches us. We need to have a deep knowledge of what we are called to do when we ourselves are determined to give.

With our cooperation and the deep belief that we can serve innovation and creativity, we will be able to highlight the intelligence index of our students.

The perspective of our national and European dreams can only be built with the quality of teachers as people.

And this quality of ours is based on sensitivity, skills and daily, formative and improving evaluation.

When we rationally respond to the modern findings of pedagogical science, we will reach the highest points of academic freedom. This is how we will emerge as an innovative educational center, with pan-European and global reach.

I believe that from the depths of the existence of all teachers emerges an anxious and modest plea: Let us all weave together the web and the environment of reflection and vision for the design of teacher programs, which will redeem us and elevate us to the vanguard of education.
To design programs with an aura of innovation and an aroma of excellence. This is how the tower of innovation will be built, the harbor that will safely anchor our own dreams and our own pedagogical ambitions.

In the soul and calculus of all teachers there is an endless deposit of pure white marble.

Let us quarry the appropriate volumes and attempt with our master chisel to sculpt a Mercury, a Venus, a

Marathon course. In this way, the perfection and beauty of our educational system will be able to reach the ends of Europe and make our offer known.

In this womb, the beauty of the human soul will be hatched and our Pedagogical Ideal will emerge.

Not renewing and much more forgetting the pedagogical values ​​would be truly disastrous.

The innovative pedagogic breath, when ignited by our unique collectiveness and cooperation, will guard our educational radiation and as a beacon of dawn will enlighten parents to trust us with their children.

So talk to each other, think, exchange ideas, plan programs.

Join your thoughts, water your dreams with the freshness of the dreams and reflections of your partners, not only of your discipline, but of all scientific fields.

I personally don’t want us to become beggars. I want us to be torchbearers and innovators. To bathe in the light of educational innovation, meritocracy and academic distinction.

Only in this way will we be proud of who we are and taste the ambrosia and nectar not of the Olympian gods, but of ordinary people who know how to transform physical and spiritual toil into a supreme good, which is distributed to all people, who participate in process of giving and creating.

I wish we sow and reap fruits.”