Information brochures, with advice on road safety and traffic education, were distributed this morning (11/9) by police officers to parents and young students, when they arrived at the various school complexes of Attica for the established consecration ceremony.

This is an initiative of the Hellenic Police Headquarters that aims to inform and raise awareness of parents and students on road safety issues, especially during their journeys to and from school complexes.

For this purpose, one of the priorities of the Traffic Services in the area of ​​responsibility of the General Police Directorate of Attica is the implementation of a specific package of measures, which among other things provides for:

  • Facilitation of traffic by traffic controllers on the roads leading to school complexes
  • The intensification of the controls of the buses that transport students
  • Highlighting lack of markings in the road environment of the schools and the immediate notification of the competent Services.

At the same time, today, the first day of implementation of increased traffic measures, took place targeted checks on school busesduring which (574) school vehicles were checked and (112) violations were confirmedof which:

  • 53 relating to the vehicle tachograph,
  • 10 for not using seat belts,
  • 2 for breaking the speed limit,
  • 2 for lack of a fire extinguisher,
  • 7 for deprivation of a certificate of professional competence,
  • 4 for worn tires,
  • 26 for non-observance of working hours and
  • 8 other violations

Traffic checks on school buses will continue throughout the school year.