The Police will proceed with traffic regulations in the coming days on the national highway Athens-Lamia and Athens-Corinth due to the execution of asphalt works.

Specifically in Athens-Corinth, at the height of the uneven junction (A/K) of Tatoidownstream to Lamia, during the period from 19-9-2023 to 21-9-2023during the hours from 22.00 to 06.00 the next day or alternatively during the period from 26-9-2023 to 28-9-2023, during the hours from 22.00′ to 06.00′ of the following day, the following traffic regulations will be implemented:

-Complete blockade of the exit branch of the Tatoi Airport (m/th 16,350 to m/th 16,600), in the direction to Lamia.

Vehicular traffic will be bypassed through the Pyrna (Lykovrysi) A/C – (h/d 18,770).

-Local right-hand narrowing on the vertical road of A/K Tatoi.

It will take place in Athens-Corinth complete stoppage of trafficof the vehicles of the exit branch of the Megara Interchange of N.E.O. Athens – Corinth, at the height of road 38,700, traffic flow towards Corinth, area of ​​the Municipality of Megareon, on 13-9-2023 during the hours 07:00′ to 21:00′ or alternatively on 14-9-2023 during the hours 07:00 to 21:00.

According to EL.AS during the above works, the traffic of the vehicles that will leave the highway will be temporarily served by the Pachis A/K (about 41,000 km/h), through P.E.O. Athens – Corinth and the local road network.

The Police appeals to the drivers of vehicles to be especially careful when passing through the work sites and to follow the existing road markings.