An amendment abolishing the criminal immunity of bankers for the damage they cause by granting “offshore loans” was submitted by SYRIZA-PS MPs, at the initiative of Drama MP Theofilos Xanthopoulos, to the Ministry of Justice bill for the Judicial Police under discussion.

Immunity was imposed by legislation in November 2019 (L. 4637/2019) by the government of Mr. Mitsotakis, setting as a necessary condition for the prosecution of the crime of infidelity against a credit or financial institution or a business in the financial sector and indeed retroactively, the deposition summons on behalf of the Banks themselves, i.e. on behalf of the perpetrators themselves! With the new proposed legislation, it will now be possible to prosecute and punish serious crimes of embezzlement, without it depending on the perpetrators themselves.

As stated in the explanatory statement of the amendment, “the expediency of this regulation is justified by reasons of equality in the treatment of persons under the same circumstances, the need to protect the public interest and dispel suspicions of favorable treatment of specific cases”.

These positions are also embraced by the current Minister of Justice, Mr. G. Floridis, who during the discussion of the Government’s Programmatic Statements (July 7, 2023), said that “Infidelity cannot be prosecuted by summons, i.e. those who commit infidelity they must sue themselves. … These I will bring back, … Have no doubt. We will do it. …” Now the Minister of Justice is called upon to ensure his dignity and credibility by accepting the aforementioned amendment, the content of which he embraces.