The threshold of the Courthouse in order to apologize was passed this morning by 71 years old who is accused of shooting and killing a 35-year-old man in his home, in the village of Hinka in the prefecture Ioanninajust before 9pm on September 8th.

With the agreement of the investigator and the prosecutor, the 71-year-old was released with the restrictive conditions of a ban on leaving the country as well as a ban on approaching the place where the incident took place.

As the 71-year-old’s defense attorney, Mr. Grigorios Kyrkos, told the local media, the 71-year-old is devastated by what happened, stressing that he was in legal defense in the context of defending his life and without having any intention for the tragic outcome of the incident .

See in detail everything that Mr. Kyrkos said in the following video

It is noted that shortly before 10.00 10.00 relatives of the 35-year-old were found outside the courts strongly expressing their protests about the fatal injury of their loved one, in the presence of police forces.

The timeline of the case

It is recalled that according to what was reported, the 35-year-old citizen had entered the house of the 71-year-old arrested from an unsecured spot wearing a hood, while he hit the elderly man with a metal rod he was carrying.

The old man then threatened him with a revolver he kept in his house in order to leave and shot him fatally injuring him when the native tried to hit him with a knife he brought with him.