The Armed Forces, in the context of dealing with the consequences of the unprecedented bad weather that hit Thessaly, continue to help the affected areas.

As announced by the GHETHA, in this direction, five staff and equipment disinfection stations of the Special Interbranch Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Defense Response Company (EDLO/PBX) of the GHETHA with appropriate logistical equipment have been installed since the morning hours today.

Specifically, the stations have been installed in the “General Nikolaos Plastiras”, “Colonel (PZ) Georgios A. Hatziaanagnostou”, “Captain (PB) Panagiotis Bouga” camps in Larissa, in the “Colonel Georgiula” camp in Volos and in the “Stragiou Christos” camp Kavrakou” in Trikala.

Furthermore, in addition to the already available forces, GEETHA continues to help support the affected areas, with the provision of 80 engineers for the control – inspection of damaged buildings and facilities, the provision of machinery for the restoration of road construction and cultivated areas that have been damaged damages, the distribution of large quantities of antiseptics and mosquito repellents, the dispatch of a veterinary team as well as the provision of health support.

Dendias at the disinfection station at the “Captain Panagiotis Bouga” camp in Larissa

Minister of National Defense Nikos Dendias inspected the disinfection station for personnel and vehicles of the Armed Forces, which are helping to deal with the effects of the bad weather in Thessaly, at the “Captain (PB) Panagiotis Bouga” camp in Larissa.

“The next crucial step in the assistance of the Armed Forces in dealing with the consequences of the bad weather was the dispatch to Thessaly of the Special Interbranch Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Defense Response Company” he said in his post on X.

“After consultation with the local authorities, the flood victims will also be given the opportunity to take care of their necessary personal hygiene at the disinfection stations,” he added.

“After the visit to the headquarters of the 1st Army in Larissa, we inspected the Bouga camp in Larissa, where one of these staff and vehicle disinfection stations is located, together with the head of the General Directorate of Defense and Security, General Konstantinos Floros,” concludes Mr. Dendias in his post.