For the first time, the governor of the Blue Horizon, who according to the videos allegedly pushed the 36-year-old Antonis Karyotis from the ship’s catapult, resulting in his drowning, made statements for the first time on the morning show “To Proinono” of ANT1.

“I am devastated. It is unthinkable what happened. I had nothing personal with the child. I didn’t know him. I want you all to believe me that I had no intention of harming anyone. I wish I could face Antonis’ family and tell them how sorry I am for what happened. I wish I could explain my behavior to everyone.” reports to Kelly Heinoporou.

In the broadcast, the wife of the former also spoke live, who burst into tears and emphasized that the “her husband is not that kind of person” and that “he helped people and was a good person” while as she said with a trembling voice, when she is stronger she wants to contact Antonis’ family to express her condolences.

After the tragic incident in Piraeus and the murder of Antonis Karyotis, the governor and the captain of the Blue Horizon, were sentenced to pre-trial detention.