In 2235 the citizens who were freed with the assistance of the Armed Forces in Thessaly arrived.

In more detail, they assist with 445 people, 29 people from the Special Interbranch Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Defense Response Company in 5 groups, 80 graduated civil engineers and 5 Health officers.

They have so far deployed 57 construction machines, 70 utility vehicles, one bridge, ten generators, 71 lifeboats, two ambulances and nine buses by land means.

From flying means, a total of nine helicopters have been deployed, namely two Chinooks, one AS 332, one S-70, 3 UH-1H, one AB 205 and one B-212.

From watercraft, a frigate and a tanker have been deployed.

Also, the Armed Forces have provided 17,160 liters of fuel, 1,140 ranches, 1,545 blankets, 400 rugs, ten tables and 42 chairs.

1,173 personnel, 19 project machines, 145 general purpose vehicles and 78 buses are on hand

A C-130 aircraft, two Chikook helicopters, two NH-90 and 3 UH-1H helicopters are also on standby, while a fast transport ship is on standby from the Navy.